Dermaviduals Prescriptive Classic


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Skin care for normal to oily skin.  Conventional creams contain emulsifiers that can disturb the integrity of the natural skin leading to an increased loss of water within the skin. Emulsifier-free creams prevent the loss of natural barrier substances and thus avoid dry / dehydrated and compromised skin.

This cream is 100% free of emulsifiers, mineral oils, preservatives and perfume for moisturising that is not detrimental to the skin. It’s DMS content protects and regenerates the skins natural barrier whilst acting as the best form of carrier for any added active ingredients. It’s high-quality skin caring substances; shea butter, ceramide, squalane and natural moisturizers that gently moisturise the skin without leaving an oily shine. The Dermaviduals Prescriptive Classic Cream is custom blended with specific actives based on your skin needs, so the cream is completely bespoke to you.

Best suited for

All skin types. Classic can be blended to target individual skin concerns.

Directions for use

Apply between a 5p to  10p size, massage into the skin use in the morning and night with clean hands.